David Montgomery is an American conductor, choirmaster, pianist, and musicologist.  He studied in Paris with René Leibowitz and in the U.S. and Vienna with Paul Badura-Skoda.  He became Leibowitz’s assistant in France, specializing in music of the Second Viennese school.  Later, he studied the interpretation of contemporary music with Pierre Boulez in Los Angeles.  After completing a PhD in musicology at UCLA, he taught at UC Santa Barbara.

In 1990 Montgomery joined the faculty of the Waterloo Festival in residence at Princeton University, coaching chamber music and directing the Baroque Ensemble.  He worked in New York for Sony Tri-Star/Columbia Pictures as a conductor, and then in Europe as an advisor and musicologist for the early music divisions of Sony Music Inc and Sony Classical GbmH.  From Hamburg, Montgomery toured Europe as a pianist and helped to revitalize the Jena Philharmonic in the former East Germany as the orchestra’s principal guest conductor.  With the Philharmonic he made recordings for BMG’s Arte Nova label in Munich.

David Montgomery’s first book, Franz Schubert’s Music in Performance (Pendragon, 2003/paperback 2010) became widely known in performance circles and his second book, Unfinished History, will be released by Brown Walker Press in 2017.  He is an authority on Austro-German music of the past several centuries, and his essays for the international recording industry have been translated into numerous languages and distributed throughout the world.  Montgomery has lectured at Georgetown University, the College of William and Mary, the University of Chicago, Harvard University, the Universities of Halle and Göttingen, and at the major campuses of the University of California.

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